Nootropics for Each of These 3 Professions

Different nootropics are beneficial for different goals. This is why it is so important for you to have a clear understanding of where you are going and what you would like to achieve. You will quickly find that different professions have different requirements and this causes people to use different smart drugs. Using this brief guide, you should be able to tell which product you need to use depending on your association with these 3 professions.

  1. studentMedical / College Student – if you are putting your nose in the books, you are probably in need of good memory retention. What a good diet, sleep, and exercise cannot provide, you might have to seek in another product. Many medicine students and general university attendees find memory enhancement through the racetam family and specifically piracetam. This starting point is great along with choline as a synergistic compound.
  2. Wall Street Trader – high finance is a great place to be especially if you want to be financially secure. Yet, it is a competitive world and nothing great comes easy. That is why there are so many people who are in Wall Street who are trading with the help of additional stimulants and focus enhancers. Some people use phenylpiracetam as a potent stimulant that can handle the job.
  3. Service industry – if you are in the service industry and you feel like you are constantly giving, giving, giving to other people, it is clear you will want to have some relax time that is just for you. To do this, slip some holy basil or ashwagandha tea onto the pot and have a cup before bed. You are going to find that this helps you to be at your best in and outside of work especially when you have quick turn around shifts!